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Simply extend your email provider or software

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Reclaim your well-being

Embrace a healthier relationship with technology and get in control of your inbox.

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Boost your productivity with time-saving features like email categorization and snooze options.

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The power of AI helps you stop the cycle of email chaos and rech inbox zero.

Restore a sense of
balance in 3 steps

Just connect your email account and you’re ready to go

Restore a sense of balance in 3 steps

Connect your email account

Start your journey towards inbox zero by connecting your email account with our platform, allowing us to securely sync and analyze your messages for a personalized and optimised experience.


Choose your AI automations

Automate repetitive tasks, prioritize important messages and restore a sense of balance to your inbox.


Transform your email workflow

From powerful search and organization capabilities to AI automation, InboxFreedom frees you from stress.